In the fall of 1992, Darren and I needed to come up with a name for our new company that would feature high-end classic modern furniture from some of Europe’s most respected furniture manufacturers.

As we had done on numerous occasions when matters of the greatest importance were to be decided, we went to our favorite hangout for important decision making – a neighborhood bar and grill that featured 2 for 1 burgers and inexpensive pitchers of beer. With the inspirational help of a pitcher or two of beer, we knew we could come up with a name for our company.

We were intent on bringing an eclectic mix of original, timeless and forward-looking design to Kansas City. We looked for a commonality in the products beyond their design worthiness. We did a word exercise to see what words came to mind as we thought of our new venture. Design, clearly. Evocative, original, coveted. We soon realized these words related to a passion for both of us.


That’s when our thought process began to take a definitive path. We would promote art interpreted in everyday objects like chairs and tables and lights. And where is art displayed? At home, public spaces and museums.

Museo (moo-say-o) is the Italian word for museum. Our new company would be a kind of museum that would promote classic and modern design but with a twist. It would be functional too.

And so, Museo was born, over burgers and beer.

Steve & Darren