Steve MaturoSteve Maturo is cofounder of MUSEO and began his career in the furniture industry in the late 70’s (as a youngster) after working for several years in management with Gucci (as a toddler).  Steve believes that this initial exposure to fine Italian design at Gucci was the catalyst for his passionate respect for outstanding Italian design in furniture, lighting and accessories. After 30+ years in this business, Steve continues to seek out and make available to the Midwest the best in classic modern European furniture and lighting design, and is continually on the lookout for new emerging talent. Steve enjoys traveling, whether it is across the globe or across the state lines of Kansas and Missouri.


Darren HaunDarren Haun is the cofounder of MUSEO and is dedicated to the business because of his love for design. He is detailed, precise, and is always intrigued by the nuances of design and how form and function are related. Darren is a natural at understanding and advising about the technical aspects of the products. He is multi-talented and also sings with the Heartland Men’s Chorus in Kansas City. Oh, and by the way he’s also a (very gentle) dentist.



Ginger CusumanoGinger Cusumano is our senior tenured associate at MUSEO. Ginger is a native New Yorker. She has a photographic memory and recalls the smallest details of our product lines.  She has a keen ability to anticipate our client’s specific tastes and helps them select the right product. With 23 years of experience in the furniture industry, she is known internationally for her flair and personality and her love of cats.


Trinh TrieuTrinh Trieu is an Interior Designer by trade with a B.A. from Park University. She has four years of experience in the furniture industry and has worked on commercial as well as residential interior design. She is thrilled and excited to be focused on classic modern European design. Trinh has been an associate with us since 2008 and is in charge of marketing and promoting the MUSEO CONTRACT division. Her expertise and knowledge of the business makes her a valuable asset to the company and a great product resource.

Kyle Phillips started in 2017 as the showroom manager. He has a B.S. degree in Photography/Graphic Arts from the University of Central Missouri. He is a very proud adoptive father and spends his spare time with family, friends, and singing with the Heartland Men’s Chorus. Stop by and say hello to our newest addition to the MUSEO family!